Menu 5 DELUX

£3600 +transport

1 Whole pig 20-25 kg (or lamb on your choice)

5 kg Lamb in a pot

5 kg Pork neck in a pot

3 kg Green salad with chicken meat

5 Large plates of aperitifs, fresh vegetables and cold meat mix

3 kg Smoked pork ribs

3 kg Lamb chops

3 kg Boneless chicken tights

3 kg Pork fillet

3 kg Sausages

5 kg Sea food mix (prawns, mussels, octopus, calamari, lobster)

8 kg Grilled fish mix salmon and sea bream (5 large plates)

5 Large plates mix canapes (avocado and cherry tomatoes, Philadelphia and smoked salmon, dark bread with hering)

5 kg Thin pancakes filled with cottage cheese in sweet white cream sauce

5 kg Grilled vegetables

5 Large plates with fresh fruit mix

5 Large plates cold baked vegetables

5 Plates mixed korean salads

Tomatoes sauce

Sour cream sauce with garlic and herbs

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